Friday, 22 June 2012

Australian Whiskies Save The Weekend Part 2!



Whisky: Limeburners M80



Great Southern Distillery


Limeburners Cask M80





Full Gold


My wife were in the middle of a whisky tasting featuring Australian Whiskies, at The Grove in Margaret River.

The day before there was a MASSIVE storm. Winds howled, rain poured, streets flooded, lights flickered, dogs howled and people cowered in fear at natures awesome fury.

I just worried that it would interfere with my Australian whisky tasting.

Now we'd tried expressions of Hellyers Road, Timboon, Lark, Sullivan's Cove, Bakery Hill and Limeburners.

All of the whiskies were good, ranging from good to absolutely stellar.

The stellar whiskies in this tasting were Hellyers Road, Lark and Limeburners.

Now we'd just finished trying Limeburners M31 which was matured in bourbon barrels and then finished in brandy barrels.

After one taste I decided that that bottle was mine, period.

Thankfully they could sell it to me.

The next bottle up was Limeburners M80 which from what I can tell is the current release.

Now as Liz and I chatted she poured everyone their drams I'm eying this bottle, the last one was extraordinarily yummy and I'm hoping that this one is just as good.

This bottle is one of 308 bottles and was matured in an American Oak Barrique, and then finished in a 65 year old Australian Sherry Cask.

As we nose the glass there's a lot of spice such as cinnamon coming through, bits of sherry, I swear

I'm getting some sultanas. It's quite yummy and makes you want to take a taste.

Now there is something in the nose that I'm having a hard time picking out and from what I recall Muscat wine had some part in the making of this whisky so I'm curious if that's the case.

As I sip I'm pleased with how lovely this whisky is.

Flavors of the sherry and cinnamon come through as does apples, vanilla, pears and just a hint of smokiness which if I recall correctly Liz said was probably the Muscat poking it's head out.


The finish is of a pretty good length with the spices, smoke and at times the apples poking their heads up for me to taste.

This is a damn good whisky which is running for around $130 bucks right now. It's not quite as good as the M31, which shot right up to one of my favorite go to bottles, but still very good.

Come to think of it I do need to order a bottle of this.

Now at this point in the tasting we've been tasting for something like over 90 minutes.

We've also tasted seven whiskies out of a six whisky tasting session.

That's right we've tasted one extra whisky.

However a problem arises. One of the staff of The Grove is sick and they're getting busy in the main room. Since they're down a man our whisky guru Liz has to leave and help everyone out.

She informs us that she's sorry that she has to leave as she'd like to spend more time with us tasting and talking, but my friends this is where the whisky session gets good.

This is where some of those private bottles start getting cracked open.

I ask her if it'd be possible to try some of the other bottles on the wall.

She informs me that it's not a problem and brings down three different bottles.

The M66, M59 and M33.

A Riesling finished whisky (first one I've tried!)

The first peated whisky from Limeburners.

And the first distiller's edition which runs at around $400 AUS a bottle.

This is going to be nothing short of AWESOME!

Nose:          21/25
Taste:         22/25
Finish:         21/25
Balance:       22/25

Overall:      86/100

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