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A Candy Shop Surprise


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Whisky: Hogs 3 Bourbon



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Hogs 3






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I'm a bourbon man. It's where I got my start in whisky and as much as I enjoy single malts, bourbon will always have a special place in my heart. This being the case when my wife and I finally finished paying off our wedding we decided we'd each get to splurge a little.

My splurge was a bottle of bourbon called Hogs 3. Now I am a little confused by this bottle of bourbon as it says that it was bottled in Scotland and by it's very definition bourbon can only come from Kentucky. Still a little puzzled by this, especially since it says it is a product of America.

But that's besides the point. I pick up this little bottle of bourbon on the recommendation of Jim Murray who gave it an 86.5.

I get the bottle home and crack it open eagerly. It's been too long since I've had a good bourbon.

The smell! Ah that lovely smell. Honey, Vanilla, Cinnamon.... what's this? Red Vines licorice candy?!

Brilliant!! This along with some rye and oak is making me thirsty, however there is this faint ethanol smell to it.

The taste? The same with some lovely rye coming through! Absolutely brilliant. A faint aftertaste of honey follows it along with a bit of alcohol bite.

Nice medium length finish that is quite enjoyable.

Now even better I tend to allow my father in law to sample all my whiskies since he's usually nice enough to share his whiskies with me. So I ask him if he likes bourbon at all and he screws up his face "No"

I was flabbergasted! Who doesn't like bourbon?!


"I bought those bottles of Jim Beam bourbon in the cabinet 4 years ago, see how they've been barely touched? One drink was enough to give me a headache and it was awful tasting!"

"Oh I'm not a Jim Beam fan. You should try a good bourbon"

"No I just don't think that there is a good bourbon out there. I know they're not aged like most single malts, they can't be as good flavor wise."

Next day

"Dad I have a new whisky for you to try!"

Hands him a dram of Hogs 3.

"THAT'S GOOD!!! What is that?!"

"That's a decent bourbon."

"I like bourbon now, I'm going to go buy a bottle of that for mom and me."

Hogs 3 isn't the best bourbon in the world, it's not worth the 86.5 Jim Murray gave it, but it's a damn good one and it's a steal of a bargain at just a tad over $30 bucks aussie.

If you're not a bourbon fan because you're used to Jim Beam or you just have never tried one, this would be a good bourbon to try. Tastes a bit like a candy shop at times and it's not going to break the bank for anyone.

Nose:          21/25
Taste:         22/25
Finish:         18/25
Balance:       19/25

Overall:       80/100

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