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My First Moonshine.....?






















Whisky: Knight's Kentucky Knight Moonshine



Knight's Distillery


Kentucky Knight Moonshine







I work with a guy at work who fancies himself a bit of a whisky man.  Amusingly enough his favorite whisky is Wild Turkey American Honey.

He says that it's so delicious that he can drink it straight.

Mind you this guy is a pretty damn good guy, but he'll buy an $80 bottle of bourbon and then pour it into his coke.

The nice thing is that he admits he knows nothing about whisky.  He knows the really good stuff is wasted on him.

Now my friend has just come back from a holiday down South where he visited a distillery that he's been talking about weeks, about how they do this awesome brilliant super whisky that I'm sure to love.  It's delicious and it only runs for $40 he informs me.

For weeks before his trip he has been offering to bring me back a bottle to try, but since his return he was disappointed.

He informed me that he bought the distillery out of their whisky, and he wasn't able to wait around the rest of the day for the distillation to be complete in order to pick me up a bottle.

But he promised that he'd bring one of his bottles in for me to try.

This Saturday he came into work and he'd brought with him this whisky for me to try.

The bottle states that it's Kentucky Moonshine.  However it's bottled at 37% ABV which is common for quite a few of the lower end bourbons in Australia.

Pale yellow in color we decide to crack open the bottle and pour a couple drams into some sample glasses.

The glasses aren't glencairns, but are almost like a small hefeweizen glass.

Aroma is alcohol and fruity permanent markers.  Just the faintest hints of apples and pears.

My wife and I sit there for about ten minutes analyzing the aroma while my friend laughs and informs us that he can see we're in our element.

Whisky snobs I do believe he calls us as he pours his dram into a can of Coke Zero.

Finally I decide to take a taste.


Most whiskies bottled at 40%ABV often feel weak and watery to me.

Not this one.

However that being said the taste leaves much to be desired.

Alcohol, permanent marker and again those very very small hints of hints of apples and pears.   But
it's mainly like drinking rubbing alcohol.


Very unpleasant.

Finish is short with lots of rubbing alcohol and permanent marker.  Enough so that I immediately take a drink of water to wash the flavor out of my mouth.

I decide to finish my whisky/moonshine in a glass of coke and BAM!

A majority of the rubbing alcohol and permanent marker flavors dissipate and pears and apples are
popping up and down in the coke.

Not a bad mixer, but absolutely foul as a straight whisky.

However even though this whisky is only $40 AUS you're going to have a hard time finding it anywhere else other then the distillery and the owner is a pain to reach by email.

Question is why would you?!

Much better whiskies can be had for $40 AUS, such as Jim Beam, Makers Mark, Jack Daniels, etc are all MUCH more enjoyable for the same price.

Nose:            12/25
Taste:           12/25
Finish:           12/25
Balance:        12/25

Overall:        48/100

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