Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Cooking With Whisky: Rye Spices!

Whisky: Bulleit Bourbon






Bulleit Bourbon









Pale Straw

My wife and I'd picked up a few different bottles of bourbon so that she could cook up some spicy pork ribs that can only be called sexy.

We'd picked up Buffalo Trace, Bulleit bourbon and Wild Turkey.

Three different whiskies that I'd never tried before, but ones that I'd had interest in for a while.

I'd enjoyed the Buffalo Trace quite a bit, but was really looking forward to trying Bulleit bourbon as I'd heard good things about it and was a slightly different style of bourbon than I was used to.

So I pour the Bulleit into a glencairn and decide to give it a nose to see what I can see!

Or maybe so I can smell what I can smell!

Rye, Oak, hints of tea, vanilla, caramel, hints of citrus develop in the glass after a few minutes.

I'm enjoying this nose!

But now it's time for a taste!

Bulleit is quite sweet, however it doesn't ever get too sickly sweet. Lots of flavors that are
sweet with honey, rye, spices, vanilla and caramel

The finish is spicy and full of rye with hints of cherries.

Not a bad bourbon and one that I think is a steal at $40 AUS. I've definitely had worse
bourbons that were more expensive.

If you're looking for a nice easy going entry level bourbon this might just be the one for you!

Nose:       20/25
Taste:      20/25
Finish:      20/25
Balance:   20/25

Overall:     80/100

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