Monday, 28 January 2013

24 Days of Christmas Whisky: Day 16 
A Sexy American Single Malt!

Whisky: Wasmund's Single Malt






Wasmund's Single Malt









Old Sauternes
I was supposed to head to a friends whisky tasting last night, but sadly had to run out to the family business to help out during the public holiday rush. Because of this I decided that when I got home I had to crack open something special.

An American Single Malt Whisky.


Now I'm a huge fan of Stranhan's Single Malt, from Colorado, but this whisky is from Virginia's Copper Fox distillery.

I had no idea what I was walking into as I've never tried the distillery, it's aged from between 14 and 18 months from everything I can find online. Distilled in pot stills, and very small
batches, one barrel at a time from everything I've read and heard.

It poured an extremely deep dark golden color that made me grin and ask myself how they get so much color into such a young whisky.

It's got a very odd nose and when I poured it the very first aroma I got was candy canes, lots of peppermint and cinnamon, then the nose evolved in the glass over the course of an hour or so with smoke covered toffee apples coming out, and then slowly some chocolate oranges appearing. There is an aroma of peat that surrounds the rest of the nose, but it's not overpoweringly so.

A very nice and complex little nose that takes a while to open up and show it's sexy little potential.

The nose makes me really eager to take a taste so I'm going to do just that!

Spicy! Spicy and fruity actually!

Pepper, cinnamon, mint, apples, chocolate oranges and faint peat roll around the palate making me smile. God I'm loving what the Americans are doing with single malts!

A very long and dry finish with lingering cinnamon apples ends the whisky and makes me smile.

Lovely, just lovely. This is a whisky that I'd love to run out and buy.

Sadly though I've never seen this bottle for sell in Australia, however looking at prices in Scotland and England I'm willing to bet that it'd run around $100 AUS a bottle.

That would be totally worth it! If you're looking for a whisky that is not quite like anything you've ever had before this is the whisky for you. If you get a chance to try it, do so!

Nose:         23/25
Taste:        22/25
Finish:       21/25
Balance:    21/25

Overall:     87/100

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