Monday, 11 March 2013

March Whisky Club Meets Dram 2!


Whisky: Compass Box Spice Tree



Compass Box


Compass Box The Spice Tree









Pale Gold
In keeping with my blended theme for our March whisky club meeting I decided to try a Compass Box once more.

I'd had the Compass Box Eleuthera and the Compass Box Hedonism before and found both of them pleasant.

Even more I'd got a chance to take a sip of my brother in law's Spice Tree last whisky club, so I figured why not go in for the full dram?

So once I finish my Monkey Shoulder I order the Spice Tree and get ready to see what new fun things there are to discover.

Sitting a lovely golden color in the glencairn it's nose definitely lives up to it's name.

Lots and lots of spices on the nose, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, coconut, ginger, chocolate, sultanas, raisins, it's almost like a Christmas cake at times!

Awesome nose, stupidly complex, beautiful and it makes you want to take a sip like you wouldn't believe!

So let's do so!

Beautiful creamy mouthfeel with oak, raisins, vanilla, chocolate, citrusy oranges, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves.  Rich and enjoyable are a couple of good terms to describe this whisky. 

A long, dry and chocolatey finish ends this whisky, leaving you want more.

This is a blended whisky that disproves the long held belief by so many whisky drinkers that blends are unpleasant, not worthy of bring drunk, not as good as single malts, etc etc etc.

At $100 AUS many people would say this is expensive for a blended whisky, comparing it against Ardbeg, Macallan, etc but you'd be silly and wrong to do so.  This little guy is just as good as many single malts and better then quite a few single malts that I've had.

Nose:          24/25
Taste:         23/25
Finish:         20/25
Balance:      22/25

Overall:       89/100

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