Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I'm Back!

Well my friends my wife and I are back from a 3 and a half week trip to the Promised Land, the land of whisky and peat.  Scotland.

During this trip we drank more whisky then we have at anyone time in our lives.  On average I probably had 5 to 10 whiskies a day depending on the day.  We visited quite a few distilleries including Glengoyne, Glenfarclas, Macallan and Talisker to name just a couple, with quite a few very special experiences.

Over the next week I'm going to be writing a brief blurb about our expeniences with each distillery and at the end of the week I'll be doing write ups on some of the whiskies that I managed to take notes on.  These will include a Glengoyne 40 year old, a Balvenie 39 year old, and quite a few Glenglassaughs. 

Now you might wonder why so few reviews.  The hard part is that when you know a special whisky is coming, a 30+ year old whisky, especially a whisky that might not be part of a distilleries normal range, you've got to take special care not to destroy your pallet with other whiskies before hand, which tends to lead you to not participate in any of the other whisky tastings.

The other reason is that because I was recently reading a post by a whisky blogger where they made the point that too often we focus on tearing a whisky apart, nose and palate, etc that we oftentimes forget to just sit back and enjoy the experience, and after reading that I realized that indeed he was right.  Sometimes I forget to just sit back and enjoy the whisky so Scotland and Singapore was more about enjoying the whiskies then worrying about tearing it apart and writing notes down on all the whiskies.  That being said you'll see a slew of Glenglassaugh whisky reviews as the distillery was kind enough to let me take my entire tasting away in sample bottles to be brought back to Australia.

Tomorrow I'll be doing a write up on Glengoyne where we did the Glengoyne Masterclass which ran 125 pounds per person and then added a tasting of the Glengoyne 40 year old and the Isle of Skye 50 year old.

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