Sunday 29 December 2013

Are You Dram Full?

There is a new whisky club in Australia, a different kind of whisky club.  One that is slowly spreading across the country, bringing dozens of members to the fold in each of the cities that it opens in.  Dram Full is a different kind of whisky club, where it doesn't matter if you like American whiskey, Irish whiskey, Canadian whiskey, Taiwanese whisky, Japanese whisky, Australian whisky, Scottish whisky or any whisky from any country in the world. 

It doesn't matter if you drink bourbon, single malts or blended whiskies, as long as you enjoy whisky, enjoy sharing that passion for whisky with other like minded people, you'll be fine.

With too many whisky clubs there's always the feeling that maybe you don't belong, especially if you look at the other members and ask what Port Ellen is or why is Brora so highly coveted, if you don't know the difference between what a sherry cask and a bourbon cask and what they'll do to the spirit stored inside.  In Dram Full clubs you can ask these questions without fear of being mocked, or of other members thinking less of you.

Dram full is full of folks from all walks of life, from whisky brand ambassadors, to whisky distillers, to whisky bloggers, from bartenders and bottleshop owners to just every day folk who've just purchased their very first whisky. 

These folks, all of these folks, help to make Dram Full Singapore, Perth, and Melbourne (for the time being!) what it is.  Instead of just being a place where folks post nothing but boring dusty notes on whisky from the 1890s (personally I think that's cool as!) you'll find folks in touch with the whisky scene in your city, who'll know where the good whisky shops are, which whisky bars to visit and which ones to avoid, where all the cool whisky tastings will be held and even cooler, if you're traveling around Australia, around Singapore, around Scotland, you have folks in all of these places who can help make you travel even better.  Not sure of good whisky bars in Singapore?  Cool!  Let us help!  Planning a trip of the lifetime to Scotland and not sure which distilleries to visit?  Cool many of the members know brand ambassadors and distillers in the motherland.

If this interests you, or if you think someone you know would be interested in something like this, join us on Facebook at Dram Full Singapore, Dram Full Perth and Dram Full Melbourne.

So all you gotta ask yourself folks is, are you Dram Full?  Well are you?!


  1. Can i say that i thoroughly enjoyed your whisky tasting workshop on 21 August In Brisbane. I learned a lot, tried some great whisky's and had a great time! In one night i went form dipping my toe in the whisky world to understanding that I was now on a life-long journey. Cheers

    1. I'm so happy to hear that you had a good time my friend!! There's always so much to learn as I discover each day. Enjoy your journey my friend, it's an awesome one!