Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Tasmania Kicks Butt...Again!

Whisky: Overeem Port Cask Strength


Overeem Port Cask Strength




Full Gold

It's December which means Christmas is right around the corner I figured I'd post some write ups on a few of my favorite whiskies that I've yet to review.

First on the block is Overeem.  Specifically the cask strengths.  I've posted reviews of the entry level Overeems which are quite enjoyable, but as with most things whisky related in my life, it's the cask strength where it's at.

I'd encountered Overeem at the Whisky Live Perth this last year, which is where I first tried their entire Overeem range.  And I knew I needed some bottles.

This bottle is from cask 21, and as with the entire cask strength range of Overeem, sits at 60%.  I'm going to guess that it's roughly 4 to 5 years old, and has spent it's entire life in Port barrels.

This is bottle 103 out of 125 bottles from the cask.

The nose is very lovely, as with everything Overeem I've tried, with spices, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, burnt caramel, vanilla, grapes, and some slight citrus on the nose.

Big on the palate, the 60% makes itself known, with big flavors.  Some slight fudge, vanilla, lots of vanilla in fact, some of the spices, nutmeg more then cinnamon, grapes covered in vanilla, sultanas, delicious. 

The finish is big and spicey with the cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and more vanilla.

Once again I have to be honest I'm surprised at how much Overeem has impressed me within the last 9 months or so.  They literally came out of no where for me and have been consistently sitting at one of the top Australian distilleries in my opinion.  Even better is that they haven't priced themselves too far out of the Australian whisky market with their entry levels running at around $130 and their cask strengths sitting at $180. 

Tomorrow I review the Sherry Cask Strength, easily one of my favorite whiskies that is always in my cabinet!

Nose:      24/25
Taste:      23/25
Finish:     22/25
Balance:   22/25

Overall:    91/100


  1. A fantastic drop, the Overeem. Sadly I have not had too much chance to try the cask strengths, just the standard bottlings - but have enjoyed them immensely. I've got a very soft spot for the port matured Overeems so will have to wait with baited breath until they release some more!

    1. Agreed! Cant wait for the lovely folks at Overeem to start bottling more whisky!