Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A Tasting As Rare As Hens Teeth!

Whisky: Glenmorangie New Make Spirit






Glenmorangie New Make Spirit








Fino Sherry

Now after everyone at the Society's tasting has finished their Glenmorangie SMWS 125.66 "Fruity Sweetness and floral perfumes" our speaker, the cellarmaster, informs us that he has a special treat for us.

It's rare as hens teeth!

It's almost impossible to get your hands on it he informs us.

It's Glenmorangie New Make.

It's Glenmorangie's unaged spirit.

Never touched a barrel.

Glenmorangie Moon Shine for lack of a better term.


He passes out a glass per table and everyone at the table has straws to pull their samples out of the glass.

It's pale as panther piss.


He talks about how Glenmorangie's stills are some of the tallest in Scotland which means that only the lightest oils make it up there for distillation, making it a very light and floral spirit.

We pass the glass around, each nosing the spirit, lovely and not at all what I would have
expected out of something that is essentially moonshine.

Extremely light, but beautifully floral with hints of fruits in it.

I dip my straw into the spirit and pull out just a wee bit to taste.

Once again beautiful.

Nothing very complex, but sweet and floral once more.

Definitely not something that you'd mind trying every once in a while and miles above other
moonshines, comparable in some ways to some entry level single malts.

The finish is quite short and still sweet and floral.

Very lovely and something I was thrilled to be able to try. I definitely prefer Glenmorangie's
aged whiskies, but it was great to be able to taste the source material.

Could you get your hands on this?

Not bloody likely.

But if you ever get a chance to try it.

Do so! 

Nose:           18/25
Taste:          18/25
Finish:         18/25
Balance:      18/25

Overall:       72/100

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