Monday, 19 November 2012

Our First Society Tasting Whisky #1!


Whisky: Glenmorangie SMWS 125.66 Fruity Sweetness and Floral Perfume






Glenmorangie SMWS 125.66 Fruity Sweetness and floral perfumes











A while back I joined the Scotch Malt Whisky Society of Australia in the goal of experiencing new and weird whiskies. Their sample pack that they send to all new members definitely let me know that I'd found the right place.

Several months went by and a tasting in Perth got closer and closer. But I wasn't sure if my wife and I would be able to make it so I held off on purchasing tickets.

I actually held off until the last minute.

Then a minute past that.

Then I received an email that said there was just a couple slots left if anyone was interested,
and that they needed to act quickly.

So I did.

I acted quickly.

But not quickly enough.

There was only one slot left which left me devastated.

I never do whisky tasting without my wife.


But my wife informs me that I should go anyway.

Enjoy myself and have fun.

So I contacted the Society for the last spot and asked if my wife could be put onto the wait list.

If at all possible I want her to be able to join me.

I immediately received an email back saying that they don't believe in splitting couples up, so my wife can come.



The week drags as we wait for the tasting to occur, but then finally the day arrives.

We caught a taxi to the hotel where the tasting was being held and were immediately greeted by a group of whisky geeks.

And an opening taster of Glenmorangie 10 yr old.

My wife and I sip from our glasses and it's not bad, but there's nothing really interesting about it.

Glenmorangie 10 yr old is Glenmorangie 10 yr old.

We're met by WhiskyBaz, a fellow Perth whisky geek and we chat for a bit.

We sip at the Glenmorangie while we wait for the doors to open, but finally they do.

It's a beautiful ballroom with lovely tables, all covered in whisky samples.

My wife and I sit down next to WhiskyBaz and a friend of his.

No idea what we're going to be tasting.

The Cellarmaster comes in and starts chatting.

Very engaging and fun and informative.

He talks about whisky and finally we get to nosing the first sample.

Very floral, very very much a Lowland nose.

Eucalyptus, sweet fruits, bubblegum, honey, citrus.

Quite lovely.

Then the Cellarmaster gives us permission to taste.

It follows the nose closely.

Oak, grass, honey, apricots, coffee, chocolate, some fruit.

Very interesting and the chocolate and coffee makes it unlike any Lowland whisky I've ever tried before.

The finish is both sweet with mineral elements and short.

The Cellarmaster asks the crowd where they think the whisky came from, distillery or region, your choice.

The crowd is very quiet so I finally I speak up.

"I think it's a Lowland whisky personally"

"This man knows his whiskies! Grassy, floral, very typical Lowland style whisky!" the cellarmaster calls out.

I'm feeling pretty proud at this point and then he continues on.

"But he's completely wrong!"

Epic fail.

"This is a Glenmorangie whisky! And as you can tell radically different from the Glenmorangie 10 yr old that you tried in the lobby. This is what the Society is about. Whiskies that do not fit the distilleries definition of their style, but are great whiskies!"

The whisky we just had was a 6 yr old whisky and it just kicked the snot out of the 10 yr old, further proving that age isn't everything. And at cask strength for $153 a bloody good deal.

The Cellarmaster then informs us that he has a very special treat for us. That'll be the next review though!!

Nose:         22/25
Taste:        22/25
Finish:        19/25
Balance:     22/25

Overall:      85/100

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