Friday, 26 April 2013

21 Hours To Go!

21 hours from now I'm going to be standing in a room full of whisky lovers, whisky geeks, nay whisky fiends if I may enjoying different whiskies.  Many different whiskies.  Whiskies ranging in cost from $40 up to hundreds upon hundreds of dollars a bottle.

The thought of this upcoming event has sustained me through the last few stressful weeks as I prep for Scotland, makes plans and arrangements and generally run around like a headless chook.  

I sat in with the Whisky Live guys yesterday, enjoying quite a few lovely whiskies, whiskies ranging from the common and easily found all the way to not yet released and impossible to find.

We sat there with the guy who's helping with the whisky/oyster pairing (yum!) chatting whiskies all day and discussing some more things, things that I was just hearing about, things that I thought people, and myself would get a massive kick out of.

I've got quite a few friends who are cigar men, well they're going to get a chance to pair cigars and whiskies together!  Can we say Cuban cigars?  

Cheese and whisky pairings!  Yum!  Chocolate and whisky pairings?!  Double Yum!

And a sneak peek there should be whiskies, old whiskies, very old whiskies open for tasting!

Distillers, brand ambassadors, the sort of people who run screaming in fear when they see me coming and tell me to shut up as they don't want to hear anymore questions, all there, all trapped for my pleasure!

 Whiskies, food, friends and a sneak peek.


Be sure to purchase your ticket if you haven't yet as you will NOT be able to purchase at the door and they're almost out of tickets with the evening show being almost completely booked.

I'll see you all there.     

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