Sunday, 14 April 2013

Tick Tok Goes The Clock..
13 days to go!  13 days and Whisky Live starts for Perth!  I received an email yesterday evening with an update on more of what to expect at Whisky Live and it just keeps looking better and better to me!

As I scroll through the list of whiskies listed on the Whisky Live website:  I see more and more whiskies that capture my interest.

I'd recently tried the new Australian whisky release: Starward, which is a SMASHING little whisky and completely blows the belief that whiskies must be over 10 or so years old to be good, sitting at under three years of age and confusing whisky drinkers into thinking it's 10 to 12 years old, the distiller will be at Whisky Live to chat with, and man I can't wait to sit down and pick his brain!

Amrut, the Indian distillery, is going to be there!  With their Fusion which sits at a very lovely 50% abv and is a combination of Scottish and Indian barley's.  I've never got to try this whisky and with it sitting at a nice higher strength I'm crossing my fingers that it's going to be as good as I've heard people rave about!

 Nant, another Australian distillery that I've wanted to try for years, but haven't been able to put my hands on due to scarcity and price, will be there with their Port Wood, Sherry Wood and American Oak so I'm going to get a chance to try THREE of them!?!  Score!!!

The New Zealand Whisky Co will be there!?!  From a silent Kiwi distillery, I've managed to try their 21 year old whisky several times over the last few months and I've enjoyed it each and every single time, to the point where it's blown the other whiskies that my brother in law and I were trying, whiskies that were going for twice the price, out of the water.  Hopefully I'll be able to find out where I can pick it up in Perth!

Benromach will be there!  One of the distilleries I'm hoping to visit when I visit Scotland a short 2 weeks after Whisky Live, this is the smallest Speyside distillery and has just TWO employees?!?!  I've never even seen a bottle of Benromach before, but I've heard about them quite often, a peated Speyside (that just sounds delicious to me!!) and there's six different expressions of theirs for me to play with!

Buffalo Trace is going to be there, I've said it before, but every time that I look at the whisky list it just keeps growing, more and more of their whiskies are on it, and even though I don't see any of their Antique Collection, their sexy cask strength whiskies that take award after award every year, I believe they're going to make an appearance like you wouldn't believe, I just have a sneaky feeling that they're being saved as a surprise!

Just a quick warning though, I've been informed that tickets are going fast so if you want to guarantee yourself a spot for the Perth Whisky Live I'd visit and see what you think, if what you see makes you giggle like it makes me, you'll need to book fast!

13 days and then it's Whisky Live time!  And then after that, 2 weeks after that I'm in Scotland for World Whisky Day! 

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